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Koi Miner is a mining machine brand under the US listed company AGM Group Holdings. The founder is a veteran player in the field of bitcoin mining. He has entered the mining field since 2013. In 2015, he has begun to develop and manufacture TSMC 16NM BTC chips and mining machines. The company is very low-key in the industry. It has been concentrating on the research and development of Samsung 10NM and Samsung 8NM chips and mining machines for the past four years. It will be officially launched as Koi Miner in 2021, becoming the first echelon of BTC Miner manufacturers in the industry.
At present, the BTC Miner C16 series products that Koi Miner has produced on a large scale have reached 30W/T performance. Although there is a gap in energy efficiency ratio with BitMain’s S19 series and Whatsminer’s M50 series, they are technically at the same level because BitMain And Whatsminer uses TSMC and Samsung’s 5NM process respectively, while Koi Miner is currently SMIC’s N+1 chip process. It is believed that if Koi Miner can achieve the industry’s highest level of 20W/T on the 5NM process.

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Please connect your C16 series miner to a power source with the power cord provided with the miner

Plug in your miner to the internet using a internet wire (RJ45 connector)

Control Board section

KOI MINER Control Board

Control Board buttons and

2.koi miner indicators :

(1)、IP report push button: Press the push button for 1 to 2 seconds until the red indicator
turnson, C16 will report its IP address to LAN, while the red light flashing.

(2)、Reset button: when the miner is running, press the reset button and hold it for 10 to 12
seconds after the red indicator turns on, the miner will restore the factory setting.

(3)、Red (Fault) indicator: The flashing red indicator represents a special event or operation error,
including fan error, hash board error, etc. The red indicator is off when C16 is operating normally.

(4)、Green (Normal operation) indicator: the green indicator will keep flashing during the start or
restart process. When C16 works normally the green indicator will flash with a long time internal.

(5)、Ethernet connector: Provide 100M Ethernet connection.

(6)、SD card slot: only used by professionals. Do not insert anything, in case it will damage the miner.

3.koi miner SOFTWARE:

In order to setup your C16 Miner first you will need to access to it through any web Brower using the ID address
of the Miner

And for that you will need a software that can scam your network and show all devises connected to your local

4. koi miner We recommend using Advanced IP scanner tool it’s a free tool that you can download from :


once its installed , on the main interface , check your IP address range , the software should pick up your network
address range automatically , if not you can adjust it manuall

KOI MINER C16 - news02

4.1 The koi miner name will show as Miner on the Advanced IP scanner double click on the HTTP page ,and a browser
page should pop up , if not the Miner IP address and copy that to your browser
Once done you should have access to the miner interface, where you need to type in your password
The default username and Password for the C16 series:
PASSWORD: Admin@Miner (Letter A and M are capital letters)
Follow the instruction as shown below

KOI MINER C16 - news03

4.2 On the main page of the KOI miner , first you will need to setup your mining pool address username and
– Click On miner , then configuration

4.3 On the configuration page , insert your mining pool address username/ worker name and password
KOI MNER C16 Series User Manual
Note : use different pools for the Pool 0 , 1 and 2 so incase the first pool goes down , you will have a backup
one , so your miner keep miner all time
After inserting all mining pool details, click on SAVE AND APPLY , the miner would take up to 5 minutes to start

4.4 To check your miner status, go back to Overview page to check you miner up time , as well as our hash rate and
pool details

4.5 After setting up the miner properly, and the miner doesn’t show any hash rate
Please send us the system log via email

You can access the system log through Status , System log , and scroll down copy and past the whole log to a text

file and email it to : [email protected]

KOI MINER C16 - news07

Please contact us if you have any issue installing your C16 series miner

5. Common issues and diagnostics 5.1 Overheating The starting temperature of the mining machine should be below 40 degrees, and the air inlet temperature should be reduced for overheating. The common log prompts are as follows:
KOI MINER C16 - news08

5.2 Mine pool connection failure

Mine pool configuration and network configuration should be checked. the common log
prompts as follows:

5.3 Faulty Fans

The fan0 means the fan connected to the control board, the fan1 means the fan connected to thepower
supply, the common log prompts as follows:

KOI MINER C16 - news10

5.4 Faulty Power supply

the common log prompt is as follows:

5.5 Faulty Hash board

Multiple restart is invalid, the following communication failure, the common log
prompt is asfollows:

KOI MINER C16 - news12

BTC Miner-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Cryptocurrencies have experienced huge growth recently, in 2021, with bitcoin being accepted as a legal form of currency in multiple different countries. This huge growth has sparked an interest in bitcoin and ethereum, as the original digital currencies. Bitcoin mining has experienced a similar boost, as a result of more and more people getting involved in cryptocurrency mining and trade. The bitcoin miner is crucial to the mining process as it is the BTC miners that maintain the integrity of the blockchain and ensure seamless transactions on the blockchain.
It is relatively easy to get into bitcoin mining if you have the appropriate Bitcoin mining rig and a basic understanding of the process. It seems complicated and there may be many questions that arise while you are trying to figure out the whole mining process. Answered below are the most frequently asked questions about bitcoin mining and BTC miner manufacturer needs and requirements.

Bitcoin Mining Explained

Bitcoin mining, simply put, is the introduction of new digital currency into circulation, in this case, bitcoin or BTC into the network. The original purpose of mining is to reduce the double-spend problem and legitimize each transaction on the network. To promote mining, BTC miners are awarded a coin for their efforts in validating all transactions. Mining refers to both, the introduction of new coins and the validation of transactions on the network.
One thing that is well known about bitcoin is the actual digital coin that is traded and profited from, hence the name. However, it is not easy to determine who owns the bitcoin or if a specific bitcoin wasn’t already sent to someone else. The issue of ownership was meant to be tackled mathematically, as the owner would be proven using public-key cryptography. But it still cannot tell us if the coin was sent to someone else or not, as this is a huge problem the network faces and is referred to as the double-spend problem.
The solution to the double-spend problem is bitcoin mining where BTC miners create blocks on the network to create proof of transaction on the blockchain. This ensures proper ownership and no same coin can be sent to two different people. Since the transaction is proven by miners, they are considered to be crucial for the longstanding of each transaction made on the network.

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BTC Miner

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Before moving further, it is important to describe what a bitcoin miner is. Mining is performed using a high-power hard drive, CPU, GPU, and other hardware that works together as the miner, to legitimize transactions for the incentive of a coin. Instead of using a bitcoin miner, you can also use an ASIC miner which is hardware that uses application-specific integrated circuits or ASICs for the mining process. Depending on the cryptocurrency being mined, the ASIC miner may be referred to as the computerized device for that. For bitcoin mining, the ASIC miner is called the bitcoin ASIC miner.
There are several bitcoin ASIC miners and BTC miners for sale, on the market that you can peruse through before deciding on a specific one for all your mining needs.

How to Mine Bitcoin?

Bitcoin mining has been briefly explained above. It is the legitimization of transactions through the building of certain blocks that can be mathematically proven to be in the right order matching the right transaction. These mathematical proofs are basically cryptographic hashes and they encode the transactional data in a unique, almost impossible-to-break encryption code as these hashes are one-way encryption tools. The hash is composed of all the data that is found in the block header and is generated by the miners for a specific block.
To break the encryption, all possible combinations need to be tried until the right one is matched and then, the cryptographic hashes are broken and the data is revealed. The one match that breaks the encryption is called difficulty, and the general rule for encryption and decryption is that the hash must hold a lower numerical value than the difficulty. Breaking the hash is basically what bitcoin miners do. They scan through all the possible combinations to find the difficulty.
The difficulty will change every 2 weeks so that a constant block time is maintained. The block time refers to the time it takes to find new blocks during the mining process. Each block mined is identified by the miners using the hash generated for the block. The identifier being the hash helps with the recognition of tampering by the blockchain. Even a slight change in the cryptographic hashes would result in rejection of the block by the network, and hence, of the false transaction that is being attempted to be approved.

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Bitcoin uses proof-of-work as its consensus protocol meaning that anyone attempting to attack the system needs to recreate the entire network with all the work performed by the miners and use equal or more amounts of electricity as the miners. The cost of this would be huge, ranging in billions of dollars, making it almost entirely financially unfeasible.

Is Bitcoin Mining Worth it?

Bitcoin mining may be worth it or not to you, depending on your preferences and what your main focus is, with mining. Bitcoin mining is the right fit for those looking for some extra cash flow, and those who are just interested in the technology. Bitcoin is a safe network that uses PoW consensus protocol and cryptographic hashes which make any malicious activity, nearly impossible.

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To analyze if bitcoin mining is worth it for you, you need to perform a detailed analysis of the cost to benefit. The first and foremost question is whether you are willing to invest in the required BTC miner rig which is basically all the computerized devices and other hardware technology that is required for the mining process. This is a huge capital commitment and investment that needs to be made before any cash flow is experienced. The BTC miners for sale are usually a bit on the pricier end too, making it a bigger cost for you to consider.

If you are mining for profits, you have one step that you need to perform before purchasing the BTC miner is to set the difficulty for the mining process. When bitcoin value drops, that usually means less bitcoin is being mined and fewer BTC miners are in play at that specific moment of time. It is best to start at that point to experience a good revenue.

You will still need to assess how much you are able to invest into the BTC mining hardware and how much turnaround profit you are looking for. If you are doing it just because you are a fan of the technology, you will still need to make the investments but the cash flow and revenue won’t play that huge a role in your decision-making process.

Bitcoin Mining: Is it Legal?

The answer to this question is a simple yes and no. Bitcoin mining is becoming legal in more countries with the acceptance of bitcoin as an official currency. However, it is worth noting that not all countries accept bitcoin mining as a legal process. Countries like the United States of America consider bitcoin miners as money transmitters and governs the entire process under a specific set of rules.

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Getting Paid for Bitcoin Mining

BTC miners perform the task of legitimization of transactions and providing a solution to the double-spend problem. BTC miners are incentivized to perform this process using new coins for each block generated. BTC miners are also paid in form of fees that the users on the network pay miners for the ability to hold transactions. The block price or block reward of the new bitcoin, however, keeps decreasing in half and is expected to decrease significantly over time. This shouldn’t be a negative point in your cost-to-benefit analysis. With a decrease in block price, there has been an increase in the price of newly mined BTC. This increase is more than enough to compensate for the decrease in block price, and it will eventually spike the benefit aspect of the cost-to-benefit analysis.

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Hardware for Mining Bitcoin

Once you have decided to mine bitcoin, regardless of the reason, you need to be on the lookout for the appropriate hardware. You will need a bitcoin mining computerized device or hardware that runs on application-specific integrated circuits or ASICs. The ASIC miner not only will perform the mining process but perform it with efficiency and accuracy, unlike other hardware systems. ASIC miners are only efficient in mining bitcoin and if this is the only digital currency you are looking to mine, it is best to stick to ASIC computerized systems.

If CPUs, GPUs, and so on are the types of hardware systems that you are interested in, for the mining, then it is highly recommended that you look into mining more than just bitcoin. Ever since ASIC miners were introduced, other systems no longer are used for mining bitcoin. Using other hardware systems is only recommended if multiple different altcoins are being mined.