Aleo Miner U3000

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Model Aleo Miner U3000 from AGM Group Holdings mining SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 76TH/s for a power consumption of 3400W.

Aleo Miner U3000

Aleo Miner U3000 adopts the new architecture of FinFET N+1 process technology. The computing power of the whole machine is over 76TH/s, the highest is 78TH/s, and the unit computing power is reduced to 44J/T.
Aleo Miner U3000 adopts dual air duct heat dissipation design, short distance ventilation, efficient heat dissipation. The calculation force table is designed for reasonable and long-lasting temperature control to ensure the smooth operation of the machine.


AMD EPYC 7542 32C 64T

Memory Type


The maximum memory frequency supported is 3200MHz. The nominal memory frequency, CPU model, and actual number of configured memory all influence the actual operating frequency of the memory stored in the cloud server. Example:

Dual CPU inserts 216 rams at a nominal frequency of 2933MHz, with the actual operating frequency also being 2933MHz.

Dual CPU inserts 1832 rams at a nominal frequency of 2933MHz, with a working frequency of 2666MHz.


RECC 32G*2/64G*1

Total memory capacity

Maximum capacity is 2048GB (64GB*32).


Front 2 USB3.0 ports

2 USB3.0 ports on the back


2: 1 VGA interface in the front, 1 VGA interface in the back

It is recommended to use a standard VGA cable; otherwise, some VGA ports may not be able to output normally; the rear VGA port is recommended.


2x 480G SATA 6Gbbps 2.5inch Hot Swap SSD (RAID 0,1)

Hard disk



4U/2000W+MZ Series Single

Hard disk slot

It can accommodate up to 12 3.5-inch slots (compatible with 2.5-inch hard drives) and SATASAS3.0 SSD or HDD. Two backplanes are standard, with a total of eight slots available.

Expansion slot

1*PCIEx8 dedicated storage slot is built-in.

Riser A (CPU0): 1*PCIE-E3.0x16+2*PCIE-E3.0x8, with the X16 slot only supporting the X8 speed. The top X16 slot is reserved for a four-port Gigabit network card.

1*PCIE-E3.0x16+2*PCIE-E3.0x8 riser B (CPU1)

CPU1 Riser C: 1*PCIE-E3.0x16;

When the PCIE board is not configured as expected, you must enter the BMC to switch the fan speed control strategy to balance mode.


1x NIC_25Gbps_ 2Port_LC_OEM_E810 _OCP3.0 _MM

Power Specifications

4x 2200W Platinum 220VACor240VDC Hot- Swap Power Supply

Cooling fan

There are four system fan modules, each with two fans.

Management function

IPMI2.0, SOL, KVM Over IP, virtual media, and other advanced management functions are supported by an integrated BMC chip, and an external RJ45 10/100/1000M management port is provided.


8x Mthreads S3000 32GB PCle Gen5 Passive GPU

Certified product

CCC certification and China Energy Conservation Product Certification were obtained.

Chassis size

87.8mm x 446mm x794mm



Work temperature


Work humidity


Storage temperature


Storage Humidity


Work altitude



Aleo Miner U3000


SHA256 algorithm





Aleo Miner U3000 Minable coins

Acoin (ACOIN) SHA-256

Curecoin (CURE) SHA-256

Joulecoin (XJO) SHA-256

Unbreakable (UNB) SHA-256

Peercoin (PPQ) SHA-256

eMark (DEM) SHA-256

BitcoinCash (BCH) SHA-256

Bitcoin (BTC) SHA-256

Terracoin (TRC) SHA-256

BitcoinSV (BSV) SHA-256

Minable pools for Aleo Miner U3000






Aleo Miner U3000 Profitability:

The daily profit earned by miners based on market conditions. Profit earned monthly, profit earned annually. The electricity bill will depend on the electricity rate in your area, Profitability is calculated in real time

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